• Wedding Photography

    As a seasoned wedding photographer, I blend technical skills and artistic talent to put as much care and attention to detail in capturing the event as you do in planning it. You can relax and be beautiful!

    I combine a candid, photo-journalistic style with classic portraiture to give you unique, timeless images that will tell the story of your wedding for years to come.

    Your wedding day will be hectic enough without having to worry about the photography - I'll show up on time, I know what I'm doing, and I carry spare equipment in case of failure.


    Portrait Photography

    There’s a difference between snapping a picture and making a photograph — especially a portrait.

    Pictures are quick. Portraits are deliberate. A picture captures what you see. A portrait is a way of seeing. Lighting, composition, quality — those are the characteristics that define portraiture. It’s the same as the difference between humming a tune and singing an aria.

    The details matter.




Elissa & Shane’s Wedding

Elissa & Shane were married in Arvada

Stephanie & Nick’s Wedding

Stephanie & Nick were married in Greeley

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Jenny & Mike’s Wedding

Jenny and Mike were married at the Foothills Chapel in Golden

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Ashley & Charlie’s Wedding

Ashley & Charlie were married on September 3rd, 2011

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Jenny & Matthew’s Wedding

Jenny & Matthew were married at the Denver Botanic Gardens

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Melisa & Jason’s Wedding

Melisa & Jason were married at Christie’s of Genesee

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CITC Graduation

undefinedCITC Graduation at the Arvada Center

Melisa & Jason’s Engagement

We shot Melisa & Jason’s engagement photos in Sterne Park, Littleton. They will be married at Christie’s of Genesee. (all photos…)

Rebecca & Brad

Rebecca & Brad were married at the Crystal Rose on lookout mountain on St. Patrick’s Day. Rebecca wanted a 1940′s look, so I tired to reflect that in the photos.

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Denver Beauties

I did some headshots for a couple of Denver beauties yesterday.