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Denver Skyline

A client wanted skyline panoramas to go with a condominium prospectus.

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Grand Lake Vacation


Once again, the in-laws were kind enough to take us all on vacation to Grand Lake. it really is the most wonderful place, and the Aspens were beginning to turn golden by the end of the week.

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Carla & John’s Portrait

Carla & John wanted some nice photos of themselves with their dogs. I decided to shoot with the sunset directly behind them and light them with a shoot-thru umbrella. I kept the flash un-gelled to allow the evening sunlight to retain its warmth. Then John cooked his World-famous lasagna.

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I don’t often get a chance to get out into nature alone, but my wife was at a conference in Breckenridge, and the in-laws were kind enough to have Nate for a couple of nights.

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If you want something to look interesting, don’t show all of it…

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San Antonio, TX

The river walk sure is purdy…

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Winter Park Vacation


A log cabin in Winter Park is a fabulous place to take the kids for a week away from it all (except the kids, which of course is what you really need to get a way from…)

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Breckenridge Vacation

Breckenridge is such a pretty town, and has magnificent scenery and hiking – try the Blue Lakes.

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