Tips for Brides

Wedding Photography Tips

  • Ask your photographer for comments on the venues you are considering – they may have some extra insights.
  • Hold your bouquet at waist level – you paid too much for that dress not to have any pictures of it!
  • Designate someone who knows both families as “wrangler”, to make sure you get the right people in the group photos. Make sure everyone you want in the photos knows where and when in advance, or you’ll waste a lot of time searching the bar for Uncle George.
  • Have all the photos of each of you and your attendants taken before the ceremony – that leaves more time for the pictures of you together between the ceremony and reception. Schedule at least an hour before and half an hour after the ceremony for photography – if your photographer is not rushed, the photos will be better. Also, if you’re not paying extra for the photographer to bring an assistant, ask a reliable friend to help out.
  • If you’ve selected a spot a little further away from the venue for some more private portraits, take some flat shoes to get you there in one piece!
  • If your wedding is at Red Rocks or anywhere similar, check the sunset times carefully when planning the wedding.
  • When choosing your venue, visit it at the time of day you’ll be getting married (allow for any change of season) and see how much natural light there is – the more, the better. Also, reception venues with light-colored ceilings make for better photos.
  • Find out if your venue or officiant place any restrictions on photography, such as “no flash” or “the photographer may not change position”. This may severely limit the photos you get.
  • Put together clippings of photos you like from magazines to show your photographer.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before the Big Day!
  • Make sure you have a pristine copy of your wedding invitation if you’d like a photograph of it.
  • Don’t leave anything to the last minute – that way you’ll be much more relaxed, you’ll look better, and you’ll enjoy your day!
  • The reception is for one evening, but the photos are forever – don’t spend more on the alcohol than on the memories!

Engagement Photo Tips

  • Pick a location that means something to you, or says something about you. (maybe where he proposed?)
  • Dress simply – the photos are of you, not your clothes, and bold patterns will be very distracting.
  • If you plan to change outfits, consider how and where you can do that (and bring a friend to help).
  • Wear complimentary, but not matching outfits.
  • DO NOT expect your fiance to show up dressed appropriately – tell him exactly what to wear, right down to the socks.
  • Your ring will be the focus of many shots – have it professionally cleaned, and treat yourself to a manicure. Also, make sure your fiance has clean fingernails!

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